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            Ultra 10s
            Ultra 10s

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            - The dual Frequency Ultrasound Cross irradiates up to 500 times a second.

            It's speeds especially the 10MHz high frequency irradiation, powerfully activates small particles inside the cell.

            - Featuring simple touch controls to reach 10 different applications:

            stimulate cell and control the activity of MMPs, HSPs, GAGs with 10MHz UltraSound wave.

            - Rigth after Wrinkle removing effect with the 4MHz High Frequency RF.

            Control the Activity of Three Major Factors for Youth Skin

            Decrease MMPs! Increase HSPs and GAGs to recover a healthy skin condition!

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            MMPs_s.png MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases): Demage proteins. Remove and clean damaged areas.

            HSPs_s.png HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins): Generate new cells at the site prepared by MMPs.

            GAGs_s.png GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans): Attract water to supply moisture to the skin that acts as a lubricant or shock absorber and cement for rebuilding.

            Long lasting and focusing effect with 10MHz high frequency

            The 10MHz high frequency wave width is only 1.8nm, smaller than the 5nm thickness of the cell membrane, so it can stimulate the smallest particles inside of cells without pain. It increases cytokine, which stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize collagen.

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            Triple layers of skin are fully, gently, and delicately massaged with three frequencies. Dual frequency cross irradiation generates special pressure changes that work on connective tissue and cell structure. The vibration effect depth is different for each frequency, from 3mm to 30mm, means that all parts of the skin are reached by the sonic massage. The 10MHz frequency ultrasound increases for the amount of HSP72 as much 18 times 24 hours after treatment. HSPs are a very critical factor for anti-aging. Muscle contraction during exercise induces the generation of HSPs but the rate is gradually decreased by aging. Activating HSPs in studied in the mediacal field as a main key of anti-aging.

            4.0MHz Monopolar RF Treatment

            4.0MHz Monopolar RF treatment provides a prompt wrinkle removing effect & up to 90 days of a neo-collagen generating skin firming effect by increasing the synergy with 4MHz Radio Frequency after Ultrasound care.

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            Preset Applications

            - Face: Wrinkle Reducing, Hydration, Tightening, Sonophoresis, Acne, Sedation, Acne Scars, Contusion/Swelling

            - Body: Tightening, Hydration, Sonophoresis

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