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            Multi REX Model
            Multi REX Model

            Innovative Concept with Patent

            With more than 15 years of experience in medical physiotherapy, it has been used in many large physiotherapy hospitals in Korea. It has been developed for safety and comfort. Multi REX Model is an aerobic exercise machine that provides the best environment for treating the back and its core musculature.

            It's twin cap covers the whole body. And the twin cap massage system offers gentle taps, far-infrared ray thermitherapy and vibration, which stimulate the whole body.

            Who is Suitable for the Treatment?

            People are busy nowadays. They always stay in the office and sit for a long time. That makes them lack proper exercise. Some people feel more tired and tired when they do exercise and some people may do excessive exercise. Besides, most people eat much with less detoxification, plus they love eating sweets and cold food. This makes them become physically weak, resulting in edema, obesity, and then lead to physiological cycle disorders.

            5 Secrets to Stimulate the Whole Body


            Salt Heat Pack

            It is made up of 1000c concentrated rock salt, which produces more than 80 kinds of natural minerals. The natural negative ions accelerate the elimination of toxins in the body, while balancing the body's mineral elements. Besides, it helps to enhance the blood circulation and increase the oxygen content, and warming. It can eliminate edema, relax the muscles, and prevent the reaction of free radicals from harming the human body.

            Color Therapy

            Through different shades of light, it can calm and soothe facial skin, improve yellowing and skin color tone. Moreover, it helps the skin absorb nutrients and balance oil secretion.

            Far-infrared Ray Thermotherapy

            The far-infrared ray can infiltrate about 1 mm below the skin. A warm and comfortable feeling can be felt. Far-infrared ray heats to relax stiff muscles, promote blood circulation, which can reduce edema and increase the softness of tendon. Moverover, it helps to enhance metabolism and relieve pain.


            Toota is able to massage from the back to calves, with correcting the position of the spine and relaxing the muscles. Focusing on stimulating the acupuncture point of waist helps to solve the accumulation of fat and accelerate blood circulation, such like doing aerobic exercise makes people feel more energetic.


            Through the adjustment of different frequency of magnetic wave, it can improve women's postpartum vaginal relaxation by tissue contraction. It reduces the risk of urinary frequency, and activate the nerves and muscles of pelvic floor. Through stimulating by magnetic waves, the pelvic floor muscle group is strengthened and muscle spasm is reduced.

            30 Minutes, Let Your Body Enjoy the Urban Oasis

            The best environment to exercise and relax by just lying inside Multi REX Model. Multi REX Model help you stimulate your 5 sensation.

            - Stimulate Cellular Sensory: Cells collide and resonance to produce heat and enhance metabolism

            - Create Motion Sensory: Make use of aerobic exercise to train muscle, Reduce accumulation fat by peristalsis

            - Soothe Neurosensory: Relax neurons, Mitigate tissue spasm, Relieve pain 

            - Activate Body Function: Help to transport blood and nutrients back to heart to strengthen immune system

            - Enhance Detoxification: Dilate microvessels to accelerate blood circulation, Increase oxygen content in the blood to reduce edema

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