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            Ultra SPA II
            Ultra SPA II

            Why need cleansing completely?

            Dead skin cells fall off about every 28 days. However, skin aging, incomplete cleansing, sunlight, oil secretion, weather and other factors will slow down the metabolism. And the time becomes longer. Skin is prone to be dullness, lack of elasticity, and wrinkles appear.

            Regular removal of dead skin cells can promote skin cell regeneration and allow the essential nutrients to penetrate deeper. At the same time, it prevents pores from being blocked, improves sebum problems, and improves acne and blackheads.

            Therefore, regular exfoliation can maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

            If don't exfoliation regularly:

            ?  Pores will be blocked  ?  Hard to absorb nutrients

            ?  Oil secretion problem  ?  Dry skin  ?  Acnes  

            ?  Pigmentation  ?  Dullness  ?  Large pores

            Having SPA on Face?            

            People like to do SPA for releasing stress and relieve fatigue. And your face also needs it! Ultra SPA II is a non-invasive, multifunctional device that combines "deep cleansing, exfoliating, removing dirt, nourishing the epidermis" in one machine. Besides cleansing, it balances the pH of the skin at the same time. It can effectively absorb essence and moisturize the skin.

            Using 2 different applicators combine with 3 kinds of essence solutions for different skin problems, can provide nutrients to the skin, and create clean, smooth and flawless white skin.


            Peeling Hand Piece

            ?      Remove dead skin cell

            ?      Cleanse dirt

            ?      Remove cosmetic residue and oil from pores

            ?      Provide nutrient

            Powerful cleansing technology

            point 1.jpg

            High Stability

            Equipped with a flow control knob to stabilize the output of the solution with evenly distributed on the skin. It can avoid the loss of AHA or BHA solution to soften the aging skin, remove dead skin cells, exfoliate effectively.

            point 2.jpg

            Exfoliating design

            After softening the aging cutin, the handpiece tip with concave and convex pits can easily remove the dead skin cell, so that the SERUM solution can directly contact the skin without being obstructed by dirts and old cells. It let the skin absorb nutrients easlier.

            point 3.jpg

            High-speed rotation to remove dirt

            Use high-speed spinning technology to have deeply clean, remove dirt, impurities, cosmetic residues, oils and fats insdide the pores. At the same time, inject more nutrients into the skin and keep the skin moisting.


            Spray Gun

            ? Atomized essence which can be absorb easily

            ? Calm skin

            ? Nourish the skin

            ? Smoothen the skin


            Finer molecules, faster absorption

            After removing the old cells, the skin can absorb easier. The essence will be spilled out in the mist form, which is able to go into deeper skin. In addition, the fine particles of the essence in the mist state can easily pass through the epidermal cell space and have high permeability.

            The process is non-invasive and painless. It can smoothen fine lines and rebuild damaged skin, soothing and anti-inflammatory of the epidermis, especially suitable for acne skin. The epidermis and cell mucosa repair quickly to restore skin elasticity and maintain young skin age.

            Essence solution for skin problems

            Hydro Cleansing AHA – All skin type

            This product contains Glycolic Acid and this solution leads to elimination of dead skin cells to help purification of skin. AHA is a program that controls the skin wastes effectively to light up your skin complexion and effective on skin troubles.

            Hydro Cleansing BHA – Oil & acne-prone skin type

            This product is anto-trouble solution that cleanse the skin pore, relax the acne and rash, controls sebum hypersecretion inside the skin pore to arrange the skin. BHA is suitable program on oily skin, acne skin, sensitive skin, etc.

            Hydro Rejuv SERUM – All skin type

            This product is effective highly-enriched solution for immediate relaxation of sensitive skin and moisturize the skin simultaneously after Hydro Cleansing treatment. Hydro Rejuv Serum is a progressive care program which contains peptide, hydrolyzed collagen, etc that helps to strengthen skin barrier, moisturize and supplies nutrition.

            Built-in cleaning system

            The system has its own cleaning mode. It is no need to clean the equipment aparts one by one. Only one button is needed and repeat the steps until the clean water flows into the waste bottle to clean the remaining essence solution and liquid in the instrument.

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