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            Asia Pacific Beauty Limited Group was established in 1998, which becomes the most well-known beauty consultant in supplying wide range of skin care products and beauty equipment in Hong Kong.

            Our therapists are well-trained in order to provide fabulous services to our clients in Hong Kong and Mainland China, so as to ensure that all our equipment are used wisely.

            With numerous of international awards and the international approval of dermatology and medical qualification on our products, Asia Pacific Beauty Limited Group have not only built up well reputation but also is the first beauty equipment supplier to obtain the ISO9001 in Hong Kong. We focus on providing high quality of services with our professional experience and to achieve the high level of satisfaction for our customers.

            Our Vision

            With rapid development on technology and innovative in turning the beauty equipment to be more user and environment friendly. Our aims are as follows:

            s   To take over the leading market position in the segment of skin care products and beauty equipment in the market of both Hong Kong and Mainland China and to become the first choice of high end and professional users;

            s   To increase our market share and corporate reputation for the rest of our existing markets; and

            s   To open up new markets within and beyond the Asia.

            Our Mission

            Every woman has an unlimited desire for beauty and we are here to fulfill their desire. Our innovative and passion are our keys to success under the keen competition of the market. We persist to explore new beauty brands, high-tech equipment and various products to enrich our product lines in order to satisfy all our valued customers.

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